About Us

CARTOFLEX LTD. – company for production, trade and services is founded in 1993 in Nis. Its founder and owner is Bogoljub Mladenovic. The main area of its function is the production of paper honeycomb for filling doors and sale of full semi-finished products for the interior doors (door panels, strips, adhesives for hot and cold presses, built-in glass frames, handles, hinges, locks, etc.)

For the last 20 years, CARTOFLEX LTD. has reached a high position and the business image of a stable company and therefore justified the faith of its customers – the producers of doors in the territory of the entire Balkan. A long-term collaboration with more than 200 clients from our country and abroad, proved the quality of our products and the success of our company. Along with the high quality of the products, which is our priority, CARTOFLEX LTD. offers very affordable prices, short delivery time, as well as the technical support, assistance and advice.

Quality and competence of the working staff, the highest quality tools and equipment, continuous investment in the improvement of the production process and the quality of the final product, the orientation towards the continuous expansion of production capacity, cooperation with major international manufacturers and suppliers of semi-finished products for the doors, but also the most competitive prices, the company CARTOFLEX LTD. ranks among the leaders in the manufacture and sale of these products.

Our company’s main aim and vision is that by investing in the development and expansion of production make widening the diapason of paper honeycomb in construction and other industries.

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